Obsidian Audio is closed for business.

If you need a drop-in repair kit for your Obsidian Audio subwoofer please email dbrevolution at dbrevolutionrecones@gmail.com

9/2/2014 By Obsidian Audio ~ Excursion and short description video of our 18" v2 woofer.   

7/9/2014 By Obsidian Audio ~ We will be closed from 7/10/2014 through 7/14/2014.

6/15/2014 By Obsidian Audio ~ Excursion and description video of our 15" v3 woofer.   

6/15/2014 By Obsidian Audio ~ Excursion and description video of our 12" v3 woofer now in stock.   

1/23/2014 By Obsidian Audio ~ Excursion and description video of our 10" v3 woofer now in stock.   

10/16/2013 By Obsidian Audio ~ Music/excursion video of our 10" v3 woofer (now available to pre-order).   

10/1/2013 By Obsidian Audio ~ Here is a video of a prototype 10" describing the driver and showing some excursion. The 10" v3 subwoofers ETA is between this December 2013 and January 2014.   

03/18/2013 By Obsidian Audio ~ Dennis "bigdee" Bice's two 18" subwoofers powered by a 2200 watt amplifier. :)

1/30/2013 By Obsidian Audio ~ Long music video of four 18" Obsidian Audio subwoofers in an SUV over in Russia!   

1/30/2013 By Obsidian Audio ~ Demo of two 12" Obsidian subwoofers.   

11/21/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Our 18" subwoofers doing 157.8 dB on music!   

11/16/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ We will be having an early Black Friday sale starting this Friday (11/16/2012) through this Sunday (11/18/2012) on our remaining inventory of 12" D2 v1 subwoofers for a price of $130 shipped within the continental US. Depending on where you live that's a savings of $30 to $50 per woofer. Ordering for the woofers will be open on our web page by mid-day on Friday. Ordering will be closed once the woofers are sold out.

09/17/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Dennis Easley's three Obsidian 15" subwoofers in a Scion XB powered by a 6k watt capable amplifier!

11/5/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Pre-ordering for the 18" v2 Obsidian's is now open for a pre-order price of $174 plus shipping. After pre-ordering is over the 18" v2 subwoofers will go to their normal price of $199 plus shipping.

09/25/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Two of our 18" subwoofers doing work on the meter!   

09/12/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Regular ordering for the 18" Obsidian's is now open. Very little stock remains after the pre-orders so get yours while you can!

09/17/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Blake's eight Obsidian 18" subwoofers in a van.

08/06/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Video of Kris's 4'th order using ten Obsidian 15's!   

06/15/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Pre-ordering for the second run of Obsidian 18's is now open! Visit our Order page to put in your pre-order.

06/15/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Audioarsenal's 6 x 15" Obsidian build. Pictures taken at Slamology this year.

05/31/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Jacob V's twelve 15's in a 4'th order BP!

05/21/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ First production run of 18" subwoofers were shipped out to customers who pre-ordered. Next production run coming soon. ETA is TBA. Stay tuned here and also on our Facebook page (link is at the bottom right hand side of this page).

04/27/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Tommy Bashop's six Obsidian 15" woofers in a wall!

04/12/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Ten 15's in a 4'th order bandpass in an Explorer by Kris!

03/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Two Obsidian Audio 12's manage a 154.9 at Spring Break Nationals in IASCA Pro Stock 1 class! Click here to visit IASCA's publuished results!

03/16/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Video of JP's work truck blowing the gasket out of his windshield using four custom Obsidian 10's.   

01/02/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ New Obsidian 18" subwoofers are now available for pre-order!
   Watch the video of the 18's here!

02/05/2012 By Obsidian Audio ~ Pics of Johnathan Price's work truck with four custom Obsidian 10's.

08/08/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ Pics and a YouTube video of Paco's twelve 12's in a 4'th order bandpass!
...and the video of the first time being metered

08/08/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ Four 15's in a Mustang!

05/31/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ Power and SPL testing one Obsidian 12 vs a DD 9512.

05/31/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ Trunk damage from using one Obsidian 15" subwoofer ported off of 1800 watts.

6/22/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ All Obsidian subwoofers are in stock and ready to ship!

6/3/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ The second batch of Obsidian Audio subwoofers has been made, which means that the 15" drivers will be ready to ship out in three to four weeks.

05/31/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ 2005 Acura TL install using a single Obsidian Audio 12" subwoofer.

05/08/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ Four Obsidian Audio 15" subwoofers walled off in a Trailblazer.

5/31/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ Online Ordering is now open! We have all 12" models in stock but are temporarily out of stock on all 15" subwoofers. Simply click the subwoofer link above and follow the Order Online steps.

4/26/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ The first production run is in stock and ready to ship out!

1/01/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ The hard parts are being assembled and CNC milled down right now for the drivers!

1/01/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ We are gathering a good amount of parts for the production run right now. Shoudn't be long now until production begins rolling along!

1/01/2011 By Obsidian Audio ~ Obsidian 12" D2 vs a driver in its price class in a thermal test at 60 Hz.

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